About Us

UQLife is a connected games platform that brings together players, families and coaches for learning, support, and encouragement.

We Learn Best Through An inspired personal, connected circle of support that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

Imagine the impact of a support network of school, families and other important influencers, such as tutors and experts, that are completely connected—collaborating and coaching via technology, in encouraging one individual. UQ Life offers real-time personalized guidance and teamwork in reaching targeted learning goals. We don't just teach curriculum -- We give you tools to discover your own talents and how you learn best.

The name UQ comes from IQ, as in ‘intelligence quotient” but the U in the UQ stands for the individual person as in “you”. Fun learning for life = UQ Life.

Our Founder

Maureen N. Dunne, Ph.D.

Dr Maureen Dunne is a globally recognized leader in the field of child development and cognitive neuroscience. A Rhodes Scholar, USA Today Academic Team Member and National Science Foundation Fellow, Maureen previously worked as the Chief Science Officer at Brain Science Labs and is the founder of nonprofit Code for Autism. Driven by a deep belief that new technologies opened up tremendous opportunities to positively impact education, Maureen shifted from a career in research science to focus on UQ Life.

Dr. Dunne holds a Joint B.A./M.A. in Cognitive Sciences from the University of Chicago, a M.Sc. in Anthropology of Learning and Cognition from the London School of Economics, a Ph.D. (Oxon D.Phil.) in Cognitive Sciences from the University of Oxford, as well as post-doctoral training in Cognitive Neuroscience with a focus on fMRI methodologies at MIT-Harvard and Massachusetts General Hospital.

As an entrepreneur, Maureen has been recognized by Women 2.0 and Astia as a Founder to Watch and has been named a Kauffman Foundation Fellow in Entrepreneurship.

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Starting with the Kids

The mission of UQLife Kids is to change how kids interact with games and technology to get the next generation of brains off to a better start.

Why start with Kids?

Because those early years set up the foundation for success later in life. Thanks to nueroplasticity - the brain's ability to adapt and change over time - we can learn new things or change habits even throughout our golden years.

Still, those early years matter. A lot. In fact, 90% of a child's brain develops in the first 5 years of life. A number of factors influence early brain development including daily experiences.

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Why learn with games and technology?

Children are engaging with mobile games and devices at an earlier age than ever.

According to a study conducted by the Kaiser Family foundation, children, on average, spend over 7.5 hours per day using mobile and technology devices.

UQLife’s proprietary technology seeks to provide families with a way to turn that problem into an opportunity for advancement, self-discovery, and healthy child development.

If you are interested in leveraging our technology for a particular healthy age group or even clinical population, please contact us at partners@uqlife.com


UQLife is committed to the goal of profoundly changing the way technology and digital content can be mobilized to augment the resources parents have at hand during the most critical years of cognitive development for their children

We have developed a platform with a unique combination of functionality and underlying research.

This powerful resource allows for entirely new levels of collaborative activity inside of closed social networks, with content built around a core of translational science.

If your organization is interested in finding a common purpose with us, and a relationship makes sense to you, please contact our business relations department to schedule a conversation.

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