For Grown Ups


Help your child discover his or her unique talents through our interactive tools, games and assessments.

One of our first products - Red's Adventure - is the first 3D story world specifically tailored for kids 3-9 years old that mixes intellectual challenges and developmental assessments right into a fun gaming environment.


Through play, your child will be learning important skills to set up a solid foundation for life.

By integrating core principles of developmental psychology and cognitive neuroscience, UQLife’s interactive experiences have been designed to help your child Play with a Purpose™

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Our safe, private social features allow for live in-game participation, remote tutoring or real-time coaching, and the ability to influence the kid’s game experience both cognitively and creatively…from any networked device anywhere in the world in real time.

The latest research in the learning sciences has shown that collaborative learning and mentorship significantly increase actual learning and retention of material, as well as help improve social skills.

Experts and Mentors

UQ Life's Expert and Mentor Network is an integrated service that will allow accredited experts, learning specialists, psychologists and trained and vetted mentors and tutors to apply for access on our platform. It gives our users access to professional advice on child development and parenting, quickly and conveniently from within the UQ platform -- which means experts, mentors, and tutors can remotely coach and collaborate right inside the games platform.

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