Our Technology

Not Just a Game Platform

UQLife is a cross-functional platform that integrates gameplay, neuroscience mechanics and social support to improve learning and behavioral health skills. We started with the vision that people don’t always know their own potential, and that access to the right tools and mentors can make all the difference in the world.

This network creates a personalized trusted circle of mentors, family members and others to support learning and personal growth. Through our technology, the family members, teachers or mentors are able to participate, observe, give hints, take turns and offer encouragement.

Technically, it is a distributed system – not a collection of independent apps – that work together to promote skills with in-built social advantages and collaborative features to make learning fun. The games and core assessment technology work across different devices including web, iOS and android. Our patented progressive hinting technology allows for truly customized solutions to individual learners. This feature allows for live in-game participation, remote tutoring or real-time coaching, and the ability to influence the kid’s game experience both cognitively and creatively…..from any networked device anywhere in the world in real time.

Founder, team and advisors working on the platform collectively represent 64 patents awarded or pending in areas such as cognitive data collection, remote monitoring and coaching, game based assessment engines, artificial intelligence, and data analytic processes to improve and personalize learning and behavioral health outcomes.

Strong Research Based Curriculum and Assessment Engine

One of our first products - Red's Adventure - is the first 3D story world specifically tailored for kids 3-9 years old that utilizes a proprietary cognitive enhancement and patented assessment framework. Parents receive specific insights into their kids development, strengths and weaknesses and tips on how to best support, encourage and discover their child's unique talents.The games themselves are built in Unity 3D to allow for and encourage selected developers to partner with UQLife to leverage our platform features. The cognitive mechanics underlying the gaming environment to build an evolving learning profile are based on the proprietary technology and research of founder Dr. Maureen Dunne. The integrated system draws on decades of developmental psychology and cognitive neuroscience research, incorporating studies undertaken at world-class universities such as Oxford and Harvard-MIT.

Personalized Skill Dashboard

In the course of a product phase roll-out, we will be launching our personalized skill dashboard and developmental tracking system, which is based on our own proprietary algorithm.

One of the advantages of technology as a tool for learning is that technology can adapt to the strengths and weaknesses of individual learners. By combining neuroscience research and interactive play to personalize experiences, we expect retention and actual learning to increase tremendously.

If you would like to benefit from UQLife's technology and/or partner with us, please email partners@uqlife.com

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